Pancake variation


Dugong made pancakes this week; he was experimenting. The base recipe is the base recipe in the Geeks Cookbook (which we have discovered is the most awesome pancake recipe ever, it always works). As usual, the butter was replaced with Nuttelex (we don’t have butter in the house due to my lactose intolerance; if it’s not there it can’t be used), but Dugong replaced the milk with pink grapefruit juice.

Pink grapefruit juice.

Instead of milk.

It tasted kind of like I’d put the lemon juice and sugar on already, but without the crunchy sugar and without the dripping juice. Very tasty; not quite so tactilely satisfying.

Also, I bought that juice for something specific 😛

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Oh castle, my castle – ground floor

One day I shall build a house. And it shall be glorious, and glorious it shall be.

On the ground floor, it should have:

  1. a Great Hall / dance room / library
  2. kitchen and storeroom
  3. Laundry
  4. A public bathroom attached to the Great Hall
  5. Master bedroom with ensuite and small office
  6. Dining room and/or loungeroom / entertaining area
  7. Carparking space

The Great Hall should have the ‘front’ door.

The lounge room should have the ‘back’ door.

The laundry should have the ‘service’ door, and should open onto a courtyard area with washing line.

The Great Hall and public bathroom need to be able to be locked off from the rest of the house (for security reasons). The Great Hall also needs to be able to be closed off from the rest of the house (for heating bill reasons).

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Balsamic Beef

Awww yeah…

The idea was that I would make balsamic sesame chicken, but the time to go to the store came and went, and I never picked up the chicken or the sesame seeds…

I did have beef in the freezer.

And sesame oil in the pantry…

The beef, sliced thinly and defrosted, marinated in soy sauce and balsamic vinegar with a minced onion for as long as it took me to get the rice on and braised vegetables chopped and started. Then I fried the beef with sesame oil, thickened the juices, and set it aside to rest until the rice was done.

The result is something that looks like it was scraped out of a car engine, but it is awesome, umami-rich and filling in its flavoursome glory.

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Who I am and why I’m here

I live in South Australia, a place of hot dry summers and water restrictions, and moderately wet winters that I think are cold but almost never get below freezing 😛

I’ve been told over and over and over again that I’m lazy for choosing not to push beyond my physical limits and instead trying to take care of myself.

I have a mitochondrial disorder, which manifests as digestive issues, hypoglycaemia, and exercise intolerance. I can literally poison myself with exercise, and without enzyme and dietary supplements I’m long-term screwed.  My memory is entirely dependent on how badly things are flaring at the moment.

This blog is to document whatever I feel like documenting, living as a ‘lazy person’ in a lazy household.

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